What is Construction Factoring?


My husband and I started a Construction Factoring business!  Woop, Woop!  A makeup lover, momma of eight and a finance company lol!  Sounds like a typical family scenario, right?!  So, how do you factor an invoice?   Well, it's actually not that hard and a pretty smart option when you have exhausted your bank loan capabilities.  
Accounts receivable factoring, invoice factoring, factoring receivables and factoring are all the same.  Construction factoring is the same as well.  However, in construction factoring there are a few extra layers of paperwork that may make things a bit confusing if you’ve never factored a construction invoice.
John Sawyer, owner of Construction Finance, has put together a video tutorial series to help you understand the steps of construction invoice factoring.  You will also realize that having a factoring company like Construction Finance will give you an extra layer of protection.  Never leave another job site without being paid the entirety of your invoice.
Over the next few days, we will post each new video in the What is Construction Factoring series.  If you just can’t wait to watch them all, check out our Youtube channel playlist and watch them all.
Click here to start the series with Video 1:
Call us today for more information on how to factor an invoice for your construction company.  Construction Finance 870-277-0658 John Sawyer

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