Living Both Black and White "The Great Divide"

Hard conversations yesterday. Many more to come today. 
Just pouring over some thoughts before our next round of conversations today....

I thought bringing my first African American baby home to Arkansas 16 years ago was tough. I thought those first years of looks and judgement would be the hardest to handle. I mean, I was bring her to the KKK capital of the world....  Who knew, a greater hurdle would be waiting 16 years later. 

Now, with racism of both sides so common, (black and white) it's hard, hard, hard to have the toughest of tough conversations. Teaching  that there is true racism on both sides, but even so, one can't judge each person or situation the same.  

With racism so prevalent in both black and white communities, there will be racist whites that pull the trigger, there will be racist blacks that pull the trigger. Why would we think otherwise?  

Having a bird's eye view of both communities, racism is worse now than it has ever been in 16 years. The divide is sooooo deep and far between. It's more difficult than ever before for my daughters to try to live in both. They are so torn with what they hear at school, see on the news and see shared on social media. Mostly hate. Hate from both sides. That they should hate too. 

I won't tell them to accept. I won't tell them to conform. How can I?  

The fact that I brought them home and absolutely didn't conform or accept. The fact that I went against the grain and believed that one transracial family in Jonesboro, AR could make a difference. The fact that I want them to make a difference with their lives. The fact that THEY can use THEIR bird's eye view of both cultures and races. 

These facts are my prayers that one day parents can teach their children to see through another's eyes. To even possibly be able to attempt see what they see. I have the amazing opportunity to see how they feel, see what their friends feel, see their social media. And it's 100% different than what I see on my newsfeed. Why?  Because that divide is sooooo deep and far between. 

Parents, PLEASE, use these opportunities of conversation to teach your children to see both sides. Every shooting, every news story. When you're having those conversations, teach your children to see both sides. Ask your children, "Why do you think he did that?"  "Do you think he was scared?"  "He made a bad choice didn't he?" "What can we do to help others with their fear?"  "How can we make a change?"

Fear.....fear is the main culprit in our racism. Fear is Satan's best kept secret. Fear drives.

Think about it. What war, mass shooting or major travesty in history happened when the root was not fear?  Satan uses fear. 

When we have these conversations about riots, shootings or the latest news story without digging deeper, we end with fear. Our children hear, "We should be scared. We should be scared of 'them'."  And who 'them' is, all depends upon a which household you reside. 

Parents, don't teach your children fear. Teach your children communication. Teach them to debate without fear and violence. Teach them to 'make a change'. Become that police officer, become that law maker, become that teacher, become that peacemaker. 

Just a mom who loves her children,
Dia Sawyer

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justus said...

I wish everyone in the nation could read this and have these conversations with their children. Racism was so prevalent in my youth, but I presumed that after 61 years things would be different. Sad to say, It has not.