Being a Mascara Maven

Good morning Mavens!!!!

Do you know what the word 'maven' means? Here's what Wikipedia has to say:

A maven (also mavin) is a trusted expert in a particular field, who seeks to pass knowledge on to others. The word maven comes from Hebrew, meaning "one who understands", based on an accumulation of knowledge.[1]

Say what?! Yes ladies! That's why I picked this name for our team!

We want to become 'Mascara Mavens'! We want to accumulate knowledge and truly 'understand'! And the second and most important part of the definition is that we want to pass that knowledge on to others!! BOOM!

How does this apply to us?
#1 we want to be experts in our products! We need to learn everything we can about our products and how they can be used! Then....wait for it, we can SHARE THAT KNOWLEDGE with others! Sharing vs. Selling (see what I did there!). We are Mascara Mavens for a reason!

#2 We want to be experts in social media marketing! We need to learn all about attraction marketing, sharing vs. selling on social media and branding yourself and your business. Be THE expert (maven) in your niche!!!!! Be a Mascara Maven!!

The most beautiful and rewarding aspect of being in this company is the opportunity to help others grow their business, their confidence, their friendships and their financial future.

Dia Sawyer

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