Unleash Your Potential!!

I listened to Brianne Smith Hovey last night as I filled out about a 1,000 forms for my back to school kiddos! Multi-Tasking gets it done!! Listening with my iphone in my pocket and earbuds in, I filled out the forms, cleaned up dinner, picked up the house and got backpacks and luches ready for the next day! There are more live classes going on this week! Register here to listen in!! So worth your 'multi-tasking' time! Brianne shared about becoming financially independent and the 'real worth' of residual income last night! John and I have been self employed for most of our lives.....residual income sounds like an amazing retirement plan! Join me and lets do it together with doTerra!!

Essential oils has changed the way I live, my husband lives, the way I treat my children's illnesses and health.  It even made a miraculous difference in my father's quality of life, living with COPD.  The impact essential oils makes on lives is unbelievable!  Essential oils treat and go so far beyond what our traditional medicines are capable of......if you haven't experienced essential oils, make the change NOW!  I promise, you will thank me :)

Join 9 passionate, successful leaders August 18th-23rd, each sharing their secrets to success! You will learn proven methods of success and leave with a skill set ready to implement in your own business. In this Business Summit you will learn...

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