School Lunch Madness! Wildtree Freezer Meal Style!

Last year I thought I had organized a system of school lunch genius. However, after a month I realized it wasn't the best method. My little sweethearts figured out a way to 'beat the system'. I had a lunch bucket in the fridge. It contained snack sized bags each of fruit, veggies, lunch meat, yogurt, cheese, snack etc. They were supposed to get 5 bags of each kind and put in their lunch box every evening or morning.

This plan worked great! Or so I thought! I checked and made sure they had their '5 bags' each morning as they ran out. Well....about a month later I realized they were grabbing about 3 bags of 'snacks' and 2 bags of lunch meat. Turkeys!!!

So this year I'm organizing "Wildtree Freezer Meal" style!! Now they have 5 snack sized bags inside 1 large gallon bag!!! HOPEFULLY, this will make sure they have a well rounded lunch and not 3 bags of goldfish lol!!

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