Organic Makeup. Why it's important!

The chemicals we put on our body is shocking!!!! Our skin is our LARGEST organ! Don't believe me?? Ok...do me a favor :)

#1 Download EWG's Skin deep app

#2 Scan the barcode or manually enter the products in your bathroom that you regularly use. (See the reproductivity scale...scary huh?!)

#3 google EWG and younique fiber lashes, eye pigment or any Younique Cosmetic (it won't come up on the app because it's so new! It is on google though ;).

Stop putting cancer causing and/or chemicals that hinder reproductivity!!! Younique is organic AND IT WORKS!!!

Go here to order your organic cosmetics and lighten your toxic load: www.youniqueproducts.com/DiaSawyer/products">

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