Local Crunchy Diva of the Week!

Jennifer Baugh is our 'Crunchy Diva' of the week!  

Jennifer is such an inspiration!  I loved reading about all her healthy life choices!  
Thank you, Jennifer for giving us a glimpse into your daily regimen. -Dia-

Watching my Grandmother suffer from a long bout of lymphoma impacted my life in ways I didn’t see coming.  After spending my 20’s working in the pharma business, I was heavily swayed away from western medicine.  I was just beginning my journey in learning how we accept what the FDA approves as good for us and how wrong we are.  I had no idea of how harshly we are impacted by chemicals from food, plastics, toxins, meds, cleaning products, and self-care products.  These all contain components which turn our bodies into cancer incubators. 

All 3 of my babies were born at home and breastfed.  The plant based diet we follow 80% of the time (I still use grass fed beef and organic chicken 2-3 times a week) came about as I was trying to educate myself on how to feed my husband who had several food allergies.  After cleaning out dairy, gluten, and most animal products, both he and my kids are healthier in more ways than I can count, as am I.  In fact, if I use meat two nights in a row, my husband will stop me and remind me that we are plant based and that he does not want to go back to eating meat!  We also use Juice plus as a supplement to ensure we are getting a variety of nutrients each day.  The kids LOVE the gummies!  I love the plant based chocolate shake as a snack or meal replacement on the go.  I never travel without it!  I always have a big bag of snacks in the car for the kids.  My Yeti is always in the back!

We use doTerra essential oils for most ailments and are constantly amazed at how miracle like they work!  I use all natural cleaning products…I make some but mostly purchase.  I love the doTerra cleaning products and toothpaste!!  I have converted all of my skincare and makeup to natural/organic products to avoid phthalates and parabens.  We are Amazon freaks…every product we use except produce, is shipped to my front door.  Huge time saver that frees me up to cook and be with my family!  I am in between gardens right now but buy as much local produce as I can.  I am in the process of building a potager garden.  The goal is to feed our family from the garden for a full year!  We shall see!  We are learning how to take care of bees and plan to add to our hives in the spring. 

I will continue to educate myself and incorporate new ideas into our lifestyle.  I truly believe our kids have to know WHY we make the choices we do so that they will feel confident in making healthy choices for themselves.  They need to know what foods cause inflammation and what it does to their bodies so THEY will choose a yummy green smoothie over a hamburger;)  It is definitely a process!  We started with green smoothies that the kids love and then I added one raw veggie a day.  Now, when we pack lunches, the kids know they need a protein, a raw veggie, and a healthy carb and fat.  We try to move our bodies at least once a day by getting outside together. 

Most importantly, we end each day with scripture and talk about how we can show God how much we love him with our actions.  This is a quick snapshot into our daily lives.  We are happy, healthy, and grateful for our time together!  


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