Better Late than Never

Back in May.....long long ago when I had high hopes for a productive summer, I set out these reward charts.

I had the best intentions of furthering our reading skills over our 3 loooong months of free time.
However, yet again, I set the bar waaaay too high. Having 5 very active and boooored kids at home along with a baby was more than I bargained for. So now we are in the last 48 hours of summer and I'm in a frenzy getting ready for the first day back to school.
I'm filling out and hanging the reward charts for the school year.....again high hopes ;)
Our pencil boxes are ready to go though! So at least they'll be stylin' while they're writin';)

School supplies are all dropped off during open house! Small miracle there! All we lacked was a specific modeling clay. I'm sure the stores will restock.... say in hopefully a month or two right ;).

We arranged our 'lunch box pail' today. We fill snack size baggies with turkey, cheddar cheese, string cheese, pickles, raisins, ritz crackers, grapes, carrots, celery, broccoli and butter crackers. They pick a couple baggies for their lunch boxes each night. Hopefully, this stops them from ending up with 4 baggies of cereal or cheezits all week long. Wishful thinking right?!

I've been in a frenzy making back to school teacher gifts. I've never made the travel coffee mug embroidery inserts. Lets just say, I was learning as I went. ;)

Now I'm off to fill their pockets with a weeks worth of clothes. If you've ever argued with 3 girls (divas) at 6:30am, then you know why this is important!!
We don't buy back to school clothes till about October. It's just too hot here in aug and sep to wear anything but summer clothes! And if we buy new fall clothes before school.....arguments ensue and they end up wearing their new corduroys and puffer vest w a hoodie on the first day when it's all of 102 degrees on an 'Arkansas August Afternoon' ;)
Hopefully, I will remain the last one standing in 48 hours and will have withstood my first summer as a mother of seven blessings ;)
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