Baby Sawyer #7

We found out we were expecting Sawyer #7 on New Year's Day! We were so excited! Only to find out 3 days later that my HCG was extremely high and an ultrasound showed the uterus to be empty. We were told to come back 2 days later for follow up blood work and another ultrasound. Bloodwork on that day showed that HCG had doubled appropriately but was still off the charts high! The ultrasound showed a tiny gestational sac measuring 4 weeks. They told me to be prepared for multiples (due to my high HCG) or a probable ectopic or molar pregnancy. I was told to come 2 days later for follow up.

My blood work had again doubled correctly (but still abnormally high) however the ultrasound showed the same 1 tiny gestational sac that had grown to measure 4 1/2 weeks which was appropriate according to our conception date. The doctor took a very long time to come talk to us. He told us that he had consulted with his partners and they all agreed that it was safe to say that they were 99.9% sure that this pregnancy wasn't developing normally. He told us that he had ruled out ectopic and molar but thought that it could possibly be a blighted ovum (gestational sac that doesn't continue to develop). He said that we had 2 options: a D&C or wait it out and see if I miscarry on my own. John and I told him that we would wait it out. We waited 12 days and went today for an ultrasound.

Today we saw baby Sawyer #7 measuring 6 weeks 1 day complete with a heart beat!

I told you all this (mainly because my mother was too excited and posted it on her wall!) to say that even through the 99.9% odds, miracles happen! We know that it's too early to be sharing the news and that it would be safer to wait until after 12 weeks (especially having had 5 ultrasounds thus far!) but we couldn't contain our praise and glory to Christ who is capable of all things!

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