"Voice Your Complaints" Contact List

Help give children in foster care a voice of their own. Send your complaints by email to the contacts below. Make your voice heard!

Scott Ellington, Prosecuting Attorney for the case


William Grimm, attorney at National Center for Youth Law (NCYL)


Arkansas Senator, Paul Bookout


Arkansas Representative, Homer Lenderman


Arkansas Representative, Jon Hubbard


Arkansas Representative, Butch Wilkins


Below are the contacts for Arkansas state government. However, their response to the case has been that if charges are filed, they must defend their department (DCFS) in court.

Arkansas Attorney General, Dustin McDaniel


Arkansas Governor, Mike Beebe's contact form


John Selig, Arkansas Director of Department of Human Services (DHS)


Cecile Blucker, Arkansas Director of Department of Child and Family Services (DCFS) cecile.blucker@arkansas.gov

Detective Mike Branscum, Investigator for the case - if you are a foster parent wanting to report what your foster child received or if you are a person who donated gifts and would like to email Mike an account of what you purchased or received.



Anonymous said...

Well, two down and upteen to go! I would be really interested to hear what foster parents say kids actually got. One i know said they got random stuff, along the lines of what your son had indicated. I would also be interested to know if the boys at CYS recognized their stories and asked their social worker where their gifts were. Does DCFS also open every birthday gift given to every child to be sure all are given equally? no? Of course not, and the fact that they throw that out as an excuse shows that they do not have any defense.
Kat M

Anonymous said...

Everyone should report this story to the major news networks.. Here is the link to cnn to submit the story.


Anonymous said...

I have emailed this story to 20/20, CNN and Memphis news stations. These ladies sicken me, they are nothing but pure evil because a good soul could never do this to a child.

Anonymous said...

Although I don't live in NE AR, as someone who donates regularly to help fill children's wish lists,I am absolutely appalled!
I have been forwarding updates on this story to my contact at the attorney general's office. His advice is that the state police should be involved and investigating. I haven't seen anything about the state police being involved. Have they been contacted?
I will continue to update my contact at the Attorney General's office. While I'm not sure it will help, it certainly can't hurt.

Anonymous said...

As reps for ark gov ;Dcfs case workers, casa reps, and investigators should have to use the same guidelines as law inforcement.
Verbatim statements and documented evadence.
NO paraphrased statements and all info should b reviewed by a superviser with knowledge of law .
Any calls should b recorded and saved