KARK4 "....case sent to prosecuting attorney."

No Criminal Charges in Jonesboro Foster Kids Gift Exchange

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Jonesboro Police say it may have been immoral or unethical, but what Department of Children and Family Services employees did with donated Christmas gifts for foster kids was not criminal.

Folks who had bought gifts from the wish lists of foster children in Craighead County found some of those gifts were returned to the stores and exchanged for cash before Christmas.

DCFS workers said they were trying to "even out" what the children received.

No written reports were kept on the returns or exchanges, and no record was kept of the money received.

Still, Jonesboro police investigators say they've forwarded the entire file to the judicial prosecutor.


Robin said...

this doesn't suprise me in the least.

Anonymous said...

The agency's actions may still be put under scrutiny by the state's overseer. In my state, that would be the Inspector General. I am not sure of the process in Arkansas but I would suggest that the folks in Arkansas, who are interested in this case, keep the pressure on their state's officials to conduct an investigation.

Reader from NYC