Craighead County DCFS-perfecting the art of taking candy from a baby?

Craighead County DCFS — perfecting the art of taking candy from a baby?

By: Ethan C. Nobles 9 January 2011 8 Comments

Here’s a story just brimming with bad behavior and outrageous conduct — a Jonesboro woman claims employees at the Craighead County Division of Children and Family Services (DCFS) took Christmas presents contributed for orphans, cashed them in and used the money on themselves.

That’s right — read that again a couple of times and see how angry you get. The lady making that claim is Dia Sawyer and you can read all about it here on her blog. Sawyer said she purchased $500 for a couple of orphaned children for clothes, comforters, a digital camera and a remote controlled helicopter. Sawyer, suspicious of monkey business based on past conduct of Craighead County DCFS workers, kept her receipts.

She claims she has evidence the items she bought for the children were returned to the stores from whence they came and exchanged for cash. She further claims the DCFS workers at issue swiped that money and bought personal items for themselves and their families.

KAIT-8 in Jonesboro reports Sawyer’s evidence and allegations were enough to raise eyebrows at the Jonesboro Police Department. According to KAIT, the matter is under investigation by Jonesboro police. The KAIT story states Jonesboro police know the gifts were exchanged for cash and are trying to figure out what, exactly, happened to the money received.

Of course, we at First Arkansas News will let you folks know how that investigation turns out and whether charges are filed. Should Sawyer’s claims be proven, it might be time to consider creating the First Arkansas News Grinch Award to be given away during every Christmas season to those who made the news for behaving badly and generally being jerks.

Now, there’s an idea…

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