Ice Storm 2009

I'm really behind on my posting.....sorry friends!  No, I'm not depressed, just can't seem to 'get it all done'.  I'm not quite sure how my 'super mom' friend do it!  I can't quite seem to get homeschooling, house, cooking, washing all done in a day.  I have made homeschooling the top priority of the day and if nothing else gets done....it does (much to my children's dismay!)  I know at the end of the race I'll be glad I educated them to the best of my ability and gave them top priority in my life.  I also know that no one will remember whether there were dishes in my sink or if we wore our 'ugly shirt' because everything cute or matching was dirty!!  If I haven't answered your call or email I truly do apologize.  I'm not sure if I'll ever answer the phone or return an email but please know that I read it and......will get back to you on that (maybe...).  

We are enjoying homeschooling and are thrilled that learning new things  **together** has changed our lives.  We have real conversations at dinner now!  The kids are explaining to daddy how to find the area of a trapezoid, the plot of their latest book, how they've written the script to a play instead of writing an essay and the hilarious things that happen in our house EVERY day!

I feel SO GUILTY about how spoiled I obviously am!  I've always envisioned myself in the mission field if not a homemaker.  I've envisioned our SEVEN member family in the mission field as well!  HOWEVER>>>>after the ice storm last week and being without power for a measly 3 days.......maybe I'm not as cut out for mission work as I thought!  I'm telling myself that it's the inconvenience of trying to be a mother to 5 kids w/out electricity that did it!  I hope I'm not as pathetic as it seems.....but I shocked myself at how miserable John and I were.  

Our power went out Tuesday about 5pm.  We lit candles in our master bedroom.  Gathered all the pillows, sleeping bags, footed pj's and the dogs (all gathered with a flashlight...which was no big deal THE FIRST TIME) and settled down for a night in the master bedroom.  We arranged the kids all in the floor.  It was a fun 'camping party' or so we called it.  They took FOREVER to finally go to sleep.  After they fell asleep it was SO QUIET!  John and I listened to the limbs falling....it sounded like huge gunfire.  Our neighbors live in a completely wooded area.  We have a lot of trees but nothing like they do!  We have 2 HUGE trees in our backyard that John promises me won't hit our house if they ever fall (who knows?!)  Anyway, I couldn't sleep all night for sneaking out of the bedroom to peek out the back windows.  We had a TALL tree that was leaning all the way over and each time I'd go out to peek it would be a few feet closer to the ground.  I stood on the back porch for a few minutes to listen to the 'falling orchestra'.  It was scary!  There were limbs coming down like crazy!!  I definitely didn't stay too long!

The next morning I couldn't wait to check out the yard!  WOW!  The tree that had been falling all night had completely lifted it's entire root ball out of the ground and crashing into our iron fence bending two sections of it!  There were limbs everywhere!  The neighbor had moved their vehicle to the road the night before.....I thought "why didn't he just put it in the garage to keep it safe?"  Well, he obviously knew he wouldn't be DRIVING out of his driveway.  He had huge trees and tree limbs covering his driveway.  John and I felt like losers when the neighbors on the other side of him cut the trees up with chainsaws and moved them out of the way.  We don't even own a chainsaw!!

We thought we'd tough it out the next day till the power came back on.  We cooked breakfast on our gas stovetop and kept the burners on for heat.  Well......we lasted about 2 hours!  It got colder and colder and colder!  We packed a few things and headed to John's office where there was power.  After arriving there and listening to the news we headed back to the house to pack for the night.  We packed all our bedding to sleep on the office floor, toiletries for us and all the kids, food to cook in the office kitchen, 2 dogs & crates, food, 2 parakeets & cage, 2 water dragons & aquarium w/ light and heater and 5 kids!!  Not so fun!!!  We left the turtle, fish, hamsters (w/ extra bedding) and hermit crabs to tough it out!

What a wimp I am......the office floor was horrible!  I'm so spoiled!!  However, I'm thankful for the heat, water and power we had at the office.  I can't imagine worrying about the kids being cold sleeping at our house or in a crowd at the convocation center....I am thankful!  The next morning everyone showed up for work...... plus Team Sawyer probably wasn't too work conducive!  John was pretty much having a nervous breakdown with us there so we went to his brother's house......who had no power.  I thought when we loaded the car that we were going to Target, WRONG!  Why were we going to Jacob and Lauren's when they had no power??  John said, "so the kids can play."  Well, it was 30 degrees when we got there and it warmed up to a whooping 33 degrees with all our added bodies and 'play'.  Needless to say, we didn't stay long!  We went to my cousin Shellie's house to see if she had power...NO.  So what did we do????  We ordered Little Caesars Pizza and ate it in the car while we drove around Jonesboro in our heated vehicle!  

Mrs. Judie invited us over for chili and hot dogs at her mother's house.  She kept power the entire time.  We had a wonderful visit......then went home to a house with power.  Jacob, Lauren, Max and Ben stayed at our house that night and Friday.  Their power came on Friday.  My parents and brother still didn't have power so they came Friday until theirs came on Sat. afternoon.  

It seemed like Christmas with all the togetherness......however without the presents or good food....hmmmmmm.

I got a new camera for Christmas and haven't exactly gotten it figured out so.......I'll post our Ice Storm pics as soon I as I get to that........don't hold your breath!  I did however post a great video below that has helped me put my 'spoiledness' into perspective!  GET A GRIP DIA!


Anonymous said...

Dia, you are not alone! When we had the hurricanes pass through in 2004 and we were without power in (what felt to me) oppressive heat with no water and no air conditioning, I was a wimp! It was actually kind of fun for the first day....like a big camping trip in our very own home. During the storm, the sound of the wind and the limbs coming down was incredible. The second day was not as fun, and by the third day, I would have paid a king's ransom for a shower and a portable fan! This was such a great learning experience for me and my family. We still talk about it, especially when we need to remind ourselves to be grateful for what we have! So glad you guys are safe! -Jenny

Pam said...

I hear you. I felt the same way last time we lost power. How to be different? how to make a difference? How?