Ice Damage and Ice Beauty

Those who know me well know that I LOVE taking weather pics!  Thunderstorm clouds, sunrises, sunsets, ice....I love it all!  I couldn't wait to get outside EARLY the next morning to take pics.  There were branches falling and cracking ALL around while I was out there.  I didn't go under any trees.....mom!
Our neighbors received LOTS of damage to their trees, they couldn't even leave their driveway.  (They did however have the foresight to park in the street the night before!)
Thank You for sunshine.....

Glazed Garden
This tree fell over including ROOT BALL into our fence!
I watched as this tree slowly by the hour bended it's top toward the ground.  By morning it was over pulling the root ball entirely out of the ground!

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Jill Christenberry said...

Hey Dia, You've got some really great pictures of the ice. Great job.