Are you going to finish strong?

My friend, Sharon, sent me this amazing video last night.  It was so appropriate for this week.  My father in law, John Sawyer Jr., had been having chest pressure for about a week and a half.  He went to the cardiologist for a stress test one week ago today.  They said he's need to have a heart cath done and sent him home with nitroglycerin.  He had some major episode throughout the weekend and ending up going to the ER on Monday morning.

They did the heart cath that afternoon and decided that he would need a triple bypass.  They scheduled it for Thursday.  Throughout the evening he had a few more episodes of intense chest pressure and they did the surgery Tues morning.  He made it through the surgery with flying colors.  They did two bypasses instead of three and his heart was in great shape.  It's such a blessing that he didn't have any heart damage.  I'm so glad that he and my mother in law went ahead to the ER.  His symptoms were classic heart attack signs!  

The video below is just beautiful!  How are you going to finish?

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Amy Barrett said...

I'm glad everything is going well for your Father-in-law! You were all in my prayers.