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We did a great science project a few mornings ago. We always break after breakfast to run off some energy and this project kept them going for about 40 minutes! It was a lot of fun and we're going to do the experiment again in November to compare our results!
See our experiment below!! Dia

Purpose: To find out how many different colors, textures and shapes of leaves are in our yard.

Hypothosis: We think we'll have 20 different colors, 10 textures and 20 shapes.

Materials: leaves, ziplock bags.

Procedures: 1. get ziplock bag 2. collect many leaves 3. sort 4. write results

Justus Results 10/17/08:

Group A. Green = 24 Group B. Brown = 4 Group C. Yellow = 2 Group D. Red= 2
Group A. Circle = 3 Group B. Rectangle = 0 Group C. Oval = 24 Group D. Triangle = 4
Group A. Smooth = 17 Group B. Rough = 14

Conclusion: Cool weather hasn't set in enough to change the leaf color. Th leaves in our yard are mostly ovals and there are an even amount of smooth and rough.

Elliette's Results 10/17/08:
Group A. Green = 20 Group B. Brown = 21 Group C. Yellow = 1 Group D. Red = 1
Group A. Circle = 12 Group B. Rectangle = 0 Group C. Oval = 20 Group D. Triangle = 9
Group A. Smooth = 16 Group B. Rough = 24
Conclusion: We are halfway through fall. We have mostly oval leaves in our yard and a few more rough than smooth leaves.

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