Grant Me Strength

It's been quite a week and a half. We've had 3 funerals in 10 days! John was a pallbearer in the first, we both sang in the second and I'm singing and then John is speaking graveside tomorrow for the third.

In the past week I've dealt with racial prejudice (thank you Obama for making everyone I know think they can talk to me about race & politics lately?!) and religious prejudice.

In the past before a great blessing (even before each of our adoptions!) We've always encountered hardships. They were never things we'd dealt with before or saw coming. It always seemed it was things that made us just physically, spiritually and mentally weary. Isn't that how Satan loves to play?! Weaken them before a decision, blessing etc. Looking back at big decisions in our lives we were always slammed with hardships prior and following great blessings.

Please keep us in your prayers, we need strength! For now, we'll try to dance in the puddles!

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Kelly said...

So sorry to hear about all your trials lately, Dia! You will certainly be in my prayers. Our God is BIG!