Fall Portrait

I just had to share this fall pic I took of the kids. I'm sure the neighbors thought I was a kook lugging this chair to the backyard!! Oh well, I got a cute pic to blow up and hang in my bedroom. I used the sepia coloring this time, it always makes me feel sentimental (like the 'old days' I guess). I also shaded the outside edges a bit too. We'll see how it blows up!


Robin said...

We just had our family portrait done at our house. The photographer had us take 2 couches outside. I thought it was goofy but she said it was all the rage! Hope ours turn out as well as yours. (I did learn my one son wore his OLD jeans in the picture) I should have checked him out!

Pam said...

Oh that is gorgeous!!

I left you an award at my blog!

Shaila Creekmore said...

That's great! You did a wonderful job!