WooHoo! Redwolves Homecoming!

Lovin' the game!

What a blast at the homecoming game tonight!


Pam said...

So cute! I havn't made anything yet... oh well!

Kelly said...

We didn't get to go this weekend as we were out of town, but the kids sure loved going the previous week! And I just love your girls' tutus! How cute!

Lizzie said...

i ran across your blog via "You're Gonna Miss This" and am so glad I did! What a beautiful family you have, amazing portraits as well. I struggle wrangling everyone into one photo shoot :) i have 2 munchkins and have started the process of adopting. we feel like we have a loving home, and so many don't why not share the love and give a child a chance.
Anywho, I am rambling now. Hi, I'm Lizzie, nice to meet you.