Ready to Go!

Our crew was ready for the big game on Saturday night!
Redwolves vs. Eagles
after we got there we stayed an hour
(after parking on the far side of the Convo!)
and chickened out because of the pending rain.
We made it to the van and the downpour began.
We made a trip to the mall playground, with everyone else,
and hit the toystore & target.
Overall, it was a pretty good night out!
(I think the tutu's really turned out!)


Kelly said...

Very cute, you crafty lady! ;-) We took our whole crew to the game, too. We lasted a little longer than you guys, but still came home at the beginning of the 3rd quarter. The rain was weird...would pour down for 30 seconds, then stop, then do the same thing 15 min. later! We finally left, though, b/c it was so muggy and humid and Dawson was ready for bed!!!

Pam said...

WOW! YEAH! I'd say they turned out! I am gonna go check out those websites! NO SEW? RIGHT???

Amy Barrett said...

Super cute! I'm impressed at your craftiness, Dia! I think everything turned out super cute. I've been blinging converse but really didn't know how to "wear" them - not for me, my girls - I like how you put them with the leggings. We have pink tutu's too. Great post!