Madeline's New 'do'

I had the opportunity to fix Madeline's hair today. We had a great time! I'm not sure if she'll leave it in (I don't really think so!). She's used to taking her hair down every night!
Elliette and Madeline had a sleep over and ending up READING till I made them go to sleep. How awesome is that??!!

40 braids!!! 2 1/2 hours!!!
Look at the beautiful corkscrew curls at the bottom of the braids!

Madeline is used to wearing her hair in pigtails so I thought maybe this would help it not feel so strange to her. (Dana......"has she already taken it down??")


Here's the hair run down:

Section hair from ear to ear

Section front hair in 1/2 and divide into 8 sections (four on each side)

Section hair into 4 quadrants in back of head and clip off

One quadrant will have 8 braids



Motions Shampoo

Motions Conditioner (w/ silicone)

wet hair with water & conditioner in spray bottle (rewet when parting)

Mango Jamaican Lime Locking Gel on each braid to hold

black bands

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Pam said...

OH I HOPE SHE DIDN'T TAKE THEM OUT!!! Someone needs to break that habit for her!! AHHH!! (from someone who has spent way too many hours braiding hair!!!!) I think i am getting a rash just thinking about her taking them out!! AHH!!