Hairku Friday 9.4.08

Haiku Friday

fall is in the air
even shining in my hair
brown, gold and bronze beads


The Timmons Gang said...

Wow, I know that took a lot of time. How do you get her to stay still? It looks great. I'm not sure I would have the patience.

Pam said...

Oh that is beautiful!! Where did you get those beads!?!!!! Good job! Is Madeline's hair still in?

Dia said...

Hey, I got the beads at a store here called "T.K.'s" They are the small opening beads (meaning the braids must be small--ugh). They don't carry many large holed beads though! Bummer!
(You can also go to the jewelry making aisle at walmart or hobby store for cool beads!)

Dana said...

Her hair is so pretty!! I really do like the color of those beads.
Madeline's hair is still up as of today but my DIL will probably have to take it down soon.