Grandfather of Injured Child Speaks Out

The grandfather of a child who is the victim of alleged abuse, comes forward to speak out about the progress of the child and wanting to keep the child with the family.

In a THV follow up, a toddler injured in a suspected case of child abuse is out of the hospital. You'll recall Harvest Food employees reported seeing the child last month with two black eyes.

Police arrested Brittany Bradford and her boyfriend, Brandon Bellows in connection with the child's injuries and both face charges of 2nd Degree Domestic Battery.

Randall Bradford, the child's grandfather, says doctors discharged the child around noon Saturday. "His little body recovered so quickly. By the last two or three days, he got to where he was eating chicken fingers, fries and tater tots and sausage biscuits and pancakes," he explains. "So in the course of a week, he really turned around and bounced back. He was just like normal when he left the hospital."

The two-year-old is in the custody of a foster family, while DHS conducts its own investigation into the case. Bradford, who is seeking custody himself, says he visited the child every day in the hospital. He says he wants to take the child back to California where he'll be with family. Bradford says putting the child in foster care makes a bad situation worse for the family. "I would plead that DHS should agree to place (the child) back with his family not in foster care. That's adding insult to injury. You know, (he is) out of danger."

Judge Richard Moore granted custody of the child to a family member but a DHS petition superseded the order. A hearing to determine if DHS had probable cause to put the child in foster care is scheduled for Tuesday morning.

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