Crazy Crabs

video video

An update on our 'clawed friends' we purchased 3 more cool new crabs to go w/ our lonely crab from vacation. Petco's crab were all in cool painted shells. One was a racecar, the 'grand ole flag' (as Lola calls it) and an blue one. Well the crabs had been in the tank for 1 minute and the 'grand old flag' moved into an empty shell we had in the tank and 5 min later the racecare crab moved into a swirly shell we had in there.

Everyone I've talked to has never seen their crab actually move into their new shell. I caught one on videotape (I know it's not too exciting!!) Maybe they are just really into real estate!!! Maybe they got it from me! We've been married 14 years and are in our 7th house!



Kelly said...

So are the kids bummed that they left their cool shells?

Dia said...

no, they're really excited they moved at all. they got to see it all. they're hoping they'll move into some more!

Jacob Sawyer said...

That's pretty cool. Do you have plenty of shells? I have a few.lwabuzfv

casey said...

I have had hermit crabs off and on throughout my life and I have never seen them switch like that!!! Man!! That was creepy and cool all at the same time!