Arkansas State Redwolves Debut

We had a blast at the 'Meet the Redwolves'
street party last Friday night.
The is A State's 'Red' mascot
replaced on Saturday night
by the new 'Redwolf' mascot
(Elliette spent the night at a friend's house)
We ate at Godsey's and Lola got to sit by a
ASU Cheerleader
or as Lola called her a 'Cheetah leader'!!
Lola enamored by the 'Cheetah Leaders'

Jude & Justus found the cool KAIT8 Stormtracker

Off to the historic 1st game of ASU as the Redwolves
Look at our Black & Red School Spirit!!
Hopefully, our homemade red & black tutu's to match
will be ready for this Saturday's game!

We got to sit by Byron, Leandrea, Haley & CJ
at the game. They were a lot of help too!
I'm so thankful they were there!



casey said...

aw...I love the cheetah leaders!!! Too cute! I swear, I can barely handle my one, you guys amaze me with what you do with five!!!

Shaila said...

Looks like they had a great time! And thanks for keeping an eye on Tyler for me Fri. night. You were standing right beside him, another friend was behind him and a third friend right behind her. I knew he wasn't going anywhere. LOL