Who's Ready to Start School?

If you're homeschooling and have tips you'd like to share............
please SHARE!

*What to do w/ little ones while you're schooling?
*Preparing meals & cleaning up afterwards?
*What curriculums are you all using?
*How is your school area set up- or do you use one?

We have our 'method to madness' but am always looking for new ideas!


Pam said...

Three years ago I could have left you a long response and lots of ideas. I am thankful that I have peace that my kids are where God wants them, otherwise it would be driving me mad not to be able to educate like I thought we would have! Blessings on your new school year!


Robin said...

Your crockpot/roaster can be your best friend during the school year. OR you can freeze meals ahead. Make a double/triple batch and put one in the freezer for school days.
Our set up is down stairs where the play room is.
You can use a timer and have the big kids take care of the little kids while you do some one on one teaching. Work around naps. Get out toys that are only used during school time and then rotate them so there is something new to play with. Get educational DVDs for the small fry. Give them time also so the guilt doesn't get to you. I used to feel sorry for my littles because I was spending so much time schooling the older kids.
We do laundry every day. Have a clothes folding party and make it a game. Have a prize box that the kids can pick out a small toy as a reward.
We have a school room but we also use milk crates to store each childs books in.
We use Abeka for math, Easy Grammar and Daily Grams, Pathway Readers, and a mish mash of other assorted spelling programs, science, etc.
Magic School Bus DVDs was our science for a while. History videos from the library fill in also. Leap Frog DVDs on how to learn to read. Lots out there now.
We started hsing 18 years ago! Alot has changed in the hs community since then. I was the only homeschooler in our whole town until some out of town families moved in. Hang in there, girl. Its doable. Just remember the reason you are hsing and stay strong.

Lisa Metzger - 2nd Generation of Homeschooling said...

We homeschool soon-to-be-8 kiddos (3 adopted and 5 biological) and I, too, was hoemschooled throughout school. http://www.homeschoolblogger.com/carolinametzgers/556165/

We adopted our oldest daughter at 10. She had no previous education and spoke no English (I had two others at the time...ages 2&3 then). We also adopted two brothers (5&3 - couldn't even count to 3 or say any ABCs) last summer AND I was 5+ months pregnant at the time. So, last year we added 3 children (2 by adoption and 1 by birth) in exactly 4 months time - TO THE DAY! I have learned a LOT about homeschooling children while adding to your family through birth and adoption!

All of our children, except the oldest, are one to two years ahead of where they should be (yes, even the boys we adopted last year). The oldest has fetal alcohol syndrome and therefore has some learning disabilities, so she's about a year behind, but she has come SO FAR (don't think it would have happened without homeschooling). Homeschooling is wonderful! We school year-round and LOVE that!

Feel free to ask any specific questions. You can view the curricula we use on the right hand side of my blog. I also have loads of posts on homeschooling lots of kiddos! Hope that helps a little! http://www.homeschoolblogger.com/carolinametzgers

Lisa Metzger
Helpmeet to Mark (financial planner), Keeper of Our Home, 2nd Generation Homeschool Mommy to soon-to-be 8 blessings:
Annalise (16 - adopted from Kazakhstan at 10), Kaitlyn (8 1/2), Ethan (7), Trey and Jake (6 & 4 - adopted from MO), Julia (2 1/2), Ellie Grace (9 Months), & Judah Michael (DUE 12/23) and 5 babies with Jesus! Come for a visit: http://www.homeschoolblogger.com/carolinametzgers

Tara Smith said...

I'm loving reading your blog! Oh, and we made a trip during a bout with stomach virus, but it was only from Fayetteville to Jonesboro! My poor mom had a BRAND new car, too. Oops!

My friend who showed me your blog tells me that you & your family were at a party at the Ross' house before. I remember thinking that "Elliette" was a beautiful name!