Sunday 8.24.08 update on Ben

Hey, some have been asking for an update on Ben Sherman. Here's the latest as of late Sunday 8.24.08 evening from Ben's aunt in Memphis:

Ben continues to make terrific progress!!
He continues to have "clear" spinal taps -lumbar punctures. (Recall from previous postings - for children with T-cell leukemia, it is not uncommon that the leukemia involves the central nervous system.)
One piece of good news is that Ben's lumbar puncture continues to reveal the same results - NO leukemia cells in the spinal fluid. Again, this indicates that Ben's leukemia does NOT involve the CNS.
Another great piece of news is that the medical reports show NO evidence of the mass in his chest!!! The reports show no fluid in the lungs and that his lungs have returned to normal functioning!!
A bit of history - When Ben was admitted two weeks ago, he had a mass in his chest that was laying on his lungs and trachea. (This was the reason that he was tired and out of breath.) Because of the mass, there were several procedures that he had to endure with "local" anesthesia rather than being "completely under". Simply put the risk of using a "general" vs. a "local" was more than the doctors deemed they could take.
This is why we often wrote about Ben being tough. There were several initial procedures - namely the bone marrow sample - that would have been less painful with a general anesthesia. Ben took what was coming and never complained about the pain.
This doesn't mean that these masses will never appear again; he might have another one appear somewhere else. What is DOES mean is that if they need to give him a "general" anesthesia for pain management; the risk of doing so is far less than what it was two weeks ago
Jackie and Ben enjoy Mike, Betsy, Matt and Brook's visits over the weekends. They are all happy to see each other. They had some guests this weekend and continue to be thankful for all that you are doing for them! Thank you so much for those that bring them meals, give them carpool rides, bring them gifts and cards and most of all offer your prayers! They all are needed!!
many thanks!

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Amy Barrett said...

I was told that the Chili's 5K going on this SAturday is going to benefit the Sherman's. The proceedes are going to ST. Jude's but I guess it is in Ben's name?? Don't know, but a bunch of us gals with babes are strolling them through the "race." So, Ben, we are rooting for you!!

(you should join us!)