Stopping the Madness!

This madness has to STOP! Just when I thought I was able to answer all my emails and voicemails during naptime and from the kid's bedtime and mine............I got this horrid thing! The blackberry allows NO ONE to hide! Now instead of answering my phone, which I don't often do, I'm answering emails. You know how kids start screaming the moment you say, "Hello?" It's like they know you're not going to stop talking every 30 seconds to reprimand them!


I'm turning in the old blackberry! I'll be checking my emails again during naptime and after bedtime. AND....... just when I was able to check my emails............I get a website, blog, myspace, facebook and some 'linked' thing that I don't even know what is! How CRAZY!

As for the phone.............you all know I don't answer the home phone and don't plan on starting! I'll probably go back to the old message I used to have on it....the kids say...."Hi, we're playing with mommy right now, she'll check her messages at naptime." I really only use the home phone for answering messages. I'm going to keep my cell phone but am going to try to leave it in the closet and check messages at naptime and bedtime (of course I'll have it in the car......like I have a flat every day or something!)

I'm going on sabbatical!

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Pam said...

when we homeschooled i didn't answer the phone either. it is a good plan, but good luck with it! LOL!!