Monster Burgers

Justus and Elliette have been helping me make our meal plan each week. Justus and Elliette choose the meals for breakfast & lunch for the entire week and I plan for supper each night. We choose the meals and use those as a guide for grocery shopping each week. Justus even made a grocery list, got a cart last week and shopped for all his recipes! YEAH!

Here's his specialty recipe for the week 'monster burgers!' All the kids loved them, they were a big hit!


Pam said...

Looks SO good!! Great ECONOMICS lessons mom!!!!

Kelly said...

Very impressive, Dia! (and Justus!) That's great to be teaching all those lessons! Brian knew nothing (and still really doesn't) about cooking, so he really wants to be sure that I teach our daughters AND sons how to cook! Tell Justus I would love to eat one of his monster burgers!

Kellie Gene said...

Yumm, I would love to have a Monster Burger...and who wouldn't appreciate the planning and shopping for groceries. Way to go Justus.

Anonymous said...

That is too COOL! Way to go, Justus!

-Lee Ann