Meet the Kidsave Summer Programs Kids!

Kids Seeking Families - Summer Programs

Kidsave is seeking families for children in conjunction with our Summer Miracles program.

These wonderful children come from across the world. If you are able to make a difference in the life of these kids by providing them with a permanent family, please E-mail Ashley or call the Kidsave LA Office at 1-888-KIDSAVE.

Click on each community link to view the children. For a list of events by community where you can meet the children, please click here.

* To view information about the Taiwanese orphans visiting in the Maryland and Utah communities, please contact Ashley Pulsipher at Ashley@kidsave.org, or by calling 310-479-5437.
Atlanta, GA Community
Austin, Texas Community
Los Angeles Community
Maryland Community *
New Hampshire Community
New York, NY Community
Northern California Community
Ohio Community
Utah Community *
Washington, DC Community

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