Lovin' the Jet Ski

I think all three of them are permanently hooked!!! Oh brother!

Jude & Lola even got in on the jet ski! That added a few years to momma!

The jet ski allowed us to get up close and personal with the dolphins. Lola's trip was complete once she got to see the dolfins. Eva kept saying, "they go up and down".


My crew loved the jet ski! We rented one when we took a pontoon out for a day. We had a blast on it! John scared me to death jumping the wake behind the pontoon though. I even drove it a while! It reminded me of riding my 4-wheeler when I was younger. (going 45 MPH was my secret favorite!) That's probably not a big deal but it sure was to a momma of 5 that doesn't get out much. Dia

PS When my minds 'rests' from the trip I'll try and post the saga of our adventure coming home. It was quite something. (the stomach flu and storm on the way home were enough to blog about!)

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Pam said...

how awesome with the dolphins!! and fun with the jet skis!