The kids and I went exploring a few mornings ago. We had a great time. It's the first time I didn't have them in strollers. I was by myself and for the most part it was ok. I still can't instill 'fear of the street' into the twins or Eva. So, I usually wait till afternoon when John gets home to tackle going for a walk. I really want to figure out a way to take them all out in the mornings by myself. I'd love to exercise with a daily early morning walk for all of us this fall. Any suggestions?? ( I could push the twins in double jogging stroller & Justus or Elle push Eva in a single stroller--ugh all that stuff!)

We did have some good explorations! Eva wanting this beetle soooooo bad!

During our expedition I did get the usual, "Boy, that sure is a lot of kids to take care of!" from a lady walking by. Why wouldn't you just say, "Good Morning" Ugh!



Pam said...

Eva's hair is looking good! She is so cute!

Kelly said...

We "only" have 4 kids and people still make comments like that all the time! One kid even came up to us at a restaurant and said "My Mom says two kids is enough" Can you believe that???

Kellie Gene said...

Cracking me up with that beetle...ummm here!!!! I'm surprised Eva didn't just reach down and grab it.