Boys will be Boys!
We call him 'bruiser'!
(that's a secada skin)


The Timmons Gang said...

I hear you also have another bruiser. I talked to your mom at church this morning. How is Justus doing?

Pam said...

Jadon was playing with one of those yesterday too... we call him "tigger"!

Dia said...

UGH! What posseses a 10 year old to slide down the stair rail???!!! My mom said, "duh, TV" I guess she's right. It was really, REALLY bad. We didn't have any broken bones or have to go to the hospital. I hope his lip doesn't get infected! It's the worst, I think his teeth are ok. It was just so bad you couldn't tell. The swelling is going down today.
Of course, I wanted to take a picture and blog it........but he and daddy both said no! So, oh well, I didn't!
Maybe he'll tell the story on his blog..........we'll see!