4 years ago!

"Jude Bruiser"
"Lola Bear"
Four years ago today I was at the hospital in labor at 38 weeks! UGH! I'd been on bedrest for 5 months and ready to GET THEM OUT! At 37 weeks I told our church family they could stop praying to 'hold the babies in!' I was HUGE! I secretly called to find out who was on duty and when I found out it was Dr. Sams I 'hightailed' it to the hospital crying and begging him to take the babies! I had 'lived' at the hospital and had basically been in labor four 5 months but kept on meds to stop the labor and with a cerclage I wasn't having any babies! I had begged other drs. to take them out at the beginning of the week (I was 38 weeks with twins people!) We were arguing about dates and if they were 37 or 38 weeks for pete's sake!

Well duh........I WAS there! When the babies were delivered by C-Section, they were 7.1 and 6.12lbs!! Almost 14lbs of baby (I told you....HUGE!)

Anyway, that was 4 years ago and my babies are growing up!

Max and Eva were playing a boxing video game during the party. They were hilarious! Every time the game would end, Eva would fall down like Max had knocked her out! (watch how fast Max moves his feet!) Wish I could do that!! Dia



Pam said...

I am just thinking how small my thighs would be if I could move that fast! (and how sore my neck would be!!) My youngest will be 4 on the 29th!!

Jacob Sawyer said...

That's hilarious. I don't think our floor would last if we ended up getting a Wii.