1st Day of Our Trip

treking to the beach at 6:45am after driving all night! Don't we look ready for the beach.....
no swimsuits, kids in pj's etc. need I say more??
First, let me preface these videos with some background.......
We left on a friday night at 10:30pm to drive all night (without fighting, touching, complaining, peeing etc.) The plan was that all the kids would sleep while we burned the midnight oil! They actually did really well. We made it in record time too! In fact, we made it there by 6:45 am!! Our room wasn't ready for us to check in until 3pm. This is something that wasn't a suprise.......I told John a hundred times that we'd be there w/ no where to go!!! He said, "That's ok we'll hit the beach and then hit the malls. It'll be great!" Even though I explained to him that we would be there w/ no where to change into swimsuits, wash the sand off, pee etc. he said it would be fine. ON TOP OF THAT....we'd be running on no sleep with 5 children under 10 years old ready to play!

Anyway, we survived! We weren't even cranky....we were delirious! This is our first morning at the beach at 6:45am-8:30am (notice the clothes we travelled in....our others were packed in the van) After our swim in the ocean we grabbed clothes from the van and destroyed the hotel lobby bathroom with our sandy clothes! We chilled in their pool ALL DAY till our room was ready. We survived on vending machine food till then!

And still it was the best trip our family has been on together!


This is a video of Lola after her first swim in the ocean. I videoed her trying to get the salt taste out of her mouth!


A video of Elliette telling about our first morning at the beach! Doesn't she look happy?!

Dia PS The trip home is the kicker.....storms & stomach flu!!

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