Take Me To The Movies

Kit Kitredge, American Girl was the hit of our girls night out. Justus was at church camp and Jude has his first sleepover with his best friend. So the girls and I got 'girlied' up and went to the American Girl movie with Nana. It was really cute. Elliette even asked ME to put some make-up on her! (Notice the foot lift!) It was pitch dark outside the theatre but I wanted to grab a pic of the girls. I couldn't even see them until the flash went off. They were soooo posed! How cute!
MeeMee had given Elliette some money that was burning a hole in her pocket. She spent a couple dollars on games and she even helped Lola play a little. She's saving the rest to buy Justus, Jude and Lola birthday presents. What a sweetie!

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Kellie Gene said...

Seeing the girls' skirts made me think that you might want to connect with fellow Flyer, Amy Jo Stanley, who now has a small business of handmade tutus: http://cottonpatchcreations.blogspot.com/