Table for Eight: Raising a large family in a small family world

Has anyone read this book? Table for Eight: Raising a large family in a small-family world

I would like to know your comments if you have!

It looks relevant! Dia


MacManes's said...

I haven't read it yet, but I am so looking froward to it. I am going to buy it today! We are expecting our 6th kido in Febuary.

On a side note, do you have any tips on keeping your marriage in tact? My husband and I are at rock bottom. I think a lot of it is because he doesn't get the large family thing because he is rarely around me and our kids.

Dia said...

My only advice on keeping a marriage strong is Godly marriage counseling! I love it even when there's NOT a problem! Dia

Robin said...

I would also add that you must make time for the two of you. I know that it is very hard to do that when you have kids, esp. many kids. You can do a date nite at home. Put kids to bed, have a little dinner for just you and your hubby. Make him numero uno for one nite and his happy mood will last.
Send him emails telling him how much you appreciate all that he does. Men need that. Put a little love note in his wallet, or on his steering wheel so he can see it when he leaves for work. Try to remember the little things you did for him when you were just married.