Storytime...who are these 'dudes'?


Ok! I'm sure I'm showing my age by saying this but............"where did all the 'dudes' come from at storytime? I'm just now getting into the swing of preschool activities. My twins are nearing 4 years old and becoming quite manageable, Eve is now two years old and we've been hitting the 'moms of preschoolers' scene.

I must say that I was stunned to count 6 guys at storytime last week (and we were minus Nathan who's usually there with his wife Allison and their twins!) Justus, Elliette and I were kings of the pre-k lifestyle and NEVER had guys around! That was however 8 years ago!

I was counting the guys and thought wellllll maybe the moms just wanted the day off and sent daddy to storytime with the kids as something to do. BUT NO, the fathers were there WITH their wives and kids. I don't know what I missed while having twins + one but I'll be there next week to see if they come back!! Dia

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