The Parrot

Let me start off by saying that I just thought the first 2 weeks of beginning art class was hard. Four weeks ago we began this crazy parrot. I was really excited about the parrot the first 2 weeks into the parrot however now I loathe this parrot. I don't care if this parrot is ever finished!
*1st week we started off by graphing this 3inch x 3inch tiny picture of this parrot. Then we had to graph a piece of paper and sketch the parrot onto the paper (as practice). Finally we graphed a 16x20 canvas board and sketched the parrot onto it.
*2nd week we painted a dark green around the parrot then added a lighter green closer to the parrot.
*3rd week we painted the parrot a deep red and painted his face whatever color that is!
*4th week we highlighted w/ a lighter red to look like feathers. An orangy red to add to the 'feathered' look. Then a brown to deepen the look of the feathers.

I suppose next week we'll do the crazy parrot eyes..........who knows or cares!! I'm sick of the parrot! How long should a parrot take anyway!! I definitely don't have patience to be an artist!

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