My Kind of Art! part 2

Finished Pieces!

They may not be professional but they add color and take up a lot of empty wall space.
First, I painted the canvases with crimson red paint using a roller.
Apply 3 coats. Let dry.
Second, I turned the canvas diagonal an threw/poured dark olive paint.
Let drip & dry.
Third, I turned the canvas the opposite diagonal and threw/ poured light olive paint.
Let drip & dry.
Fourth, I turned the canvas upright and threw/splattered the canvas with
MANY different colors. I used a 3 inch angled tip brush to splatter the paint.
Let dry
Total project can be finished in a day!
(My forearm is killing me!)
Paint the second canvas at the same time and apply steps to both canvases at the same time.
HINT: Water down dark & light olive paints.
Water down first splatter paints
Use full strength paint on favorite splatter colors!


Amy Barrett said...

Is this your house? Have you moved? I don't remember your house looking like this on the inside...

Anyway cool paintings. I am so proud of you.

The owl comments are cracking me up. There are 2 I know of in town. Either at Team Clean Car Wash at the corner of Stadium and Nettleton or behind Lewis BBQ. They are easy to see, check it out. You can also roll down your window and hear it screeching - sometimes. I really am not crazy.

Pam said...

WOW! You did great!!!


Jacob Sawyer said...

I really like those. By the way, that mustache photo was from a while back when my 'stache was nicely filled out. Is it proper blog etiquette to reply this way?

Dia said...

I don't know 'proper' blog etiquette yet! I guess we'll see....Dia

Kellie Gene said...

Dia, love the art. Makes me think of HGTV "Trading Spaces". They do art like that a lot and it always looks so cool. Those pieces would probably go for mega bucks in a gallery somewhere.