Mamma Cat & 'Pet Milk'

Well this is the momma cat of our kittens. We're waiting till the kittens are ready to leave their momma. They just started eating kitten food this past weekend and we're hoping to bring them home this week. We're bringing home 2 of the 5 kittens! Names for the kittens are still up in the air and exactly which ones we're bringing home changes each day.

The cutest part of this story happened last week. I was explaining to the kids that the kittens couldn't leave their momma yet because they weren't eating solid food yet and were still only nursing....drinking milk from their momma. Well, they had that figured out! We can bottle feed them! We have milk, we have milk. I explained that momma's milk is better etc. Little did I know they had special milk! They took off and came back running with 'Pet Milk' out of the pantry! AHHHH 'Pet Milk'. Now why didn't I trust that they'd have it all covered!!!

I can't wait to post pictures of the kids with their new kittens!

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Dia said...

Pet Milk! Aren't they funny!