Elliette's 'Crowning Ceremony' Portraits

Elliette Maree is having her 'Crowning Ceremony' very soon. We are all so excited about this first for our oldest daughter. I must thank my friend, Lee Cooper, for this beautiful addition to our set of family traditions. Our newly added tradition celebrates when one of our children accepts the Lord Jesus. We are planning to hold this 'Crowning Ceremony' after Elliette is baptized. I can't wait to share with you all the details of the tradition.

I'm sad that I'd never heard of this tradition when our oldest son accepted Jesus and was baptized. But of course, we're making up for lost time! The tradition is just as exciting for boys as it is beautiful for girls! I'll be sharing the male version of this tradition soon!

These photos are portraits taken of Elliette in her 'Crowning Gown'.


Pam said...

What a beautiful tradition for a beautiful girl! can't wait to hear more about it!! Her hair!! Lovely!! Tell us about that too! GORGEOUS!!



Dia said...

Hey, the 'Hairku' of when we did this style for Elliette was in June. Here's the link to the blog post w/ more pics. It's REALLY easy to do. I think it's easier than yarnbraids. I think twists are easier than braids!

Amy Barrett said...

Oh my goodness, these pictures are beautiful. She looks so grown up. I want more details about this ceremony, it sounds really neat!

Kellie Gene said...

Oh my goodness, Elliette is growing up so beautifully. And a big WhoopWhoop to Elliette accepting Christ.