Branson or Bust!

The Girls Take a Weekend
The three of us combined have 26 children!
I think we deserved it!

I have many pictures of Robin posing with unsuspecting male performers!
This is the guys that drug be up on stage to dance like a goofball!
I think this was Robin's favorite performer of 'The Magnificent 7'

If you will notice......this is Robin breaking line to get to the buff hot guys in
the 'Twelve Irish Tenors'
They even asked her to please step away
and go to the back of the line....hahaha!
I had to take a pic!

I think LeAnn's dad had a good time too....don't you?

Ok, here's a little of the nutty part. When we parked at the hotel Robin wanted my to write down the licence plate number of the vehicle next to us.
She was afraid they'd ram us!
They were parked horizontally at the end of the parking lot.
Well, I guess we're on this trip because we're mega mothers....right?
The first night of the trip we went to see the 'Twelve Irish Tenors'.
Robin AND LeAnn (note it's not just Robin this time!)
I had to take a pic of the two of them trying to give away our extra ticket.
Please note that we had 4 tickets and there were only three of us.
So for 15minutes the two of them kept approaching poor tourists
asking if they wanted a free ticket.
Well....sure they did until they realized that
they'd have to split up from the people
they were with....to sit with us!
Needless to say.... we didn't get to do our 'good deed of the day'.
No one took our extra ticket!
Robin, if you wish to comment.....feel free!

The girls and I had an absolute blast! I didn't realize how in needed a hilarious getaway! I can't even remember what was so funny. Every night I laughed so hard my face hurt. When I got home and tried to recap what was so funny at 1am, John just said, "I guess you had to be there." It was a blast and thank you guys so much for inviting me!
Love you guys, Dia


Anonymous said...

ROFL Just wait until I add my pictures of DIA... when she least expects it.... (evil laugh)!

- Lee Ann

Dia said...

Wellllll........I still haven't seen your pictures! If you notice I'm only in ONE of mine! Oh yeah.... you have the dancing pics!!