Arkansas Data Matching System

The Arkansas Adoption Resource Exchange uses a data matching system to find families for children available for adoption waiting in foster care. This system contains in state and out of state families. When children become available for adoption their information is entered into this data matching system. A 'data match' is then run for the child. All families who 'match' the child are sent to the child's adoption specialist. The adoption specialist then contacts families about the child.

Families who reside in the state of Arkansas and have completed all the steps to adopt a child in state custody can check to make sure their information has been entered into the data matching system. If you are not receiving child referrals, it may be that your information hasn't been entered into the data matching system or is not entered correctly. Contact Linda Dismuke at linda.dismuke@arkansas.gov 501-682-8959 to check your information.

Families outside Arkansas can be added to the state's data matching system by filling out the 409 Form and sending it with their homestudy to:

Arkansas Department of Human Services
Arkansas Adoption Resource Exchange
c/o Linda Dismuke
700 E. Main Street
Little Rock, AR 72203

If you have any questions pertaining to private or state adoption in Arkansas, don't hesitate to contact me! dia@diasawyer.com

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