Art Class

Ok.......here's the deal. I signed my kids up for a great summer class.
They are participating in 'Poetry in Performance'.
They memorize poetry and perform the poem on stage.
So.......while they are in class I am taking the
over 18 yrs old adult beginning art class.
(no, not that kind of 'adult art!')
The first day of class he asked why we were there. I found that everyone had art class experience but me! I explained that I was there to learn to mix water colors so that I could know the basics when my kids and I do art at home!
ANYWAY......he then shows us his portfolio......RIGHT!
Then hands us a pencil and says that he wants to 'test our skills!'
Anyway, he put some fruit on a stool and said, "draw what you see and only what you see"
Well......we drew a banana, orange & lemon
then a carrot, pear & bread!
I can't imagine what we'll do this week...........
I'll be sure to post! I am proud of my first attempts though!
This is the second 'test' we took. If you can't tell... it's a carrot, pear & bread!!
This is the first 'test we took. If you can't tell it's an orange, lemon and banana sitting on a stool!!


Karla said...

Dia! Jenny just told me to look at your blog. Your beautiful children are blessed with an artistic mom. Bring them all over and we will have a paint by the pool party! Love you, Karla

Dia said...

Well......I was feeling all talented until we had to paint that CRAZY parrot! Dia