How to Hide Bags Under the Eyes

How do you hide under eye bags?  There is a trick that you just won't believe!
And it's sooooo simple!  It's all about shading in the correct areas!  
Think art class :)  Easy Peasy!

I posted this under eye bag concealer video in my 
VIP Younique Customer Group
last fall.  I hope you find it helpful too!
You can always go to my website 
to find more makeup tutorials.


Younique Holiday Sale

Yay! Younique December kudos rocks again! This is a great Younique Christmas Sale!  Two new exclusive colors and free shipping on orders $50 or more but only until noon TODAY! After then the free shipping threshold goes up to $100 and above.

Glisten Up! Bundle, which includes an exclusive Moodstruck Precision Pencil Eyeliner in the color Polar and an exclusive Moodstruck Minerals Lucrative Lip Gloss in the color Lucid, a Cream Shadow Brush, and a Splurge Cream Shadow in the color of your choice. (Personally, I chose the newly released matte mauve brown splurge cream eyeshadow!! I've been waiting for a matte brown cream shadow forever!).
The bundle comes in a FREE limited edition evening carry case so you can touch up your makeup when you’re out for the night!
Here is my open party to get yours (BEFORE NOON for free shipping!). https://www.youniqueproducts.com/DiaSawyer/products/landing
Read the FAQ:
English: http://ow.ly/58Mo306GsOW
Watch the Kudos video:

If you haven't tried the Splurge Cream Eye Shadow, here's my tutorial and review from last year! It's awesome stuff!


7th and Last Day of Younique Black Friday Deals! This one is the BEST! GET it at 2pm TODAY!

Waaaay more % off than I get at my presenter discount! Our 7th and last Black Friday Cyber Monday Deal is 41% off! And it comes in a gift box ready to give! Fabulous deal that will no doubtlessly seek out in an hour πŸ™„. I will try to get some before they sell out! If you don't get yours in time, message me and maybe I'll have one left πŸ‘Œ.   www.themascaramavens.com 
❤️Rose Water
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These Younique products are some of the favorites!  Favorite Younique Eye Pigment in Sexy, Favorite Younique Bon Bon color in Red Velvet and Favorite Younique EVERYTHING product, Rose Water!
Here is my video review on How to Use Younique Rose Water with Eye Pigments!  Epic Difference!


Younique Black Friday Cyber Monday #6 Deal!!!

Black Friday Cyber Monday #6 Deal!!! Available at 1pm CST
πŸ’œHeartbroken Pigment
πŸ’œProper Liner 
πŸ’œShine Cloths!!!

29% off!  $35 for all three products packaged and ready for giving!

Watch this awesome video showing Younique Shine Makeup Remover Cloths take off sharpie :)
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Younique Cyber Monday Black Friday Deal #5

Today's Cyber Monday Black Friday Younique Bundle #5 ! 

My favorite yet! Nude liner (in pouty), nude lipstick (in well to do) and nude gloss (in luxe). πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜

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IMO this will sell out the fastest thus far :)


Younique Black Friday Cyber Monday Deal Day 4

$26 for the stain and gloss. 
This deal only good only for 24hrs!!!
Sultry is a Deep Red Colored Lipstain that's 
perfect for Christmas!!!!
$26 for the Lipstain and clear gloss 

Check out my review of Younique Lip Stains!  
Super Quick & Fun!


Younique Black Friday Bundle #3

Today's Bundle Special is by far one of my favorites!
The palette is so fabulous and highly pigmented! Our past 2 bundles sold out in less than 3 hours WORLD WIDE! 
Grab our famous Palette 4 and receive the brush FREE!
Hello perfect stocking stuff and gift!

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Younique Black Friday Day 2

 I LOVE online Black Friday sales!!! 
Younique Black Friday!
Not so much fighting the store crowds. 
So far I've bought Usborne Books, Rodan & Fields, Norwex, Plexus, Juice Plus, Shakeology and dōTERRA . 

If you have a home business feel free to post your link below! Just a few more home business reps to buy from 
and I'll be set. 

Super stoked I got my Mascara Mavens 
website ready for he holiday rush and 
Small Business Saturday tomorrow! 


Younique Black Friday

Younique Black Friday!!!
There will be 7 days worth of great bundles.  A new bundle each day starting NOW that will only be available for 24 hours before the new bundle is announced and released.
All specials will be between $26 and $49 the avg. Cost will be $35 these will be a first come first serve basis..
If you purchase all 7 from my website you will get a free roll brush kit, 30% off the products in each collection and shopping done for at least 7 people for under $245 guaranteed!! Sweet!!
The 1st special is a noble cream shadow and black liquid liner. It's $33 and normally $47! What a deal!!
Throw in another product for $18 like a lipstick and get free shipping as well on anything over $50!! Love saving! πŸ’° 

Younique Black Friday Special Bundle

Here's my review of the Younique Splurge Cream Shadows 'Noble' and 'Dainty'. 
They are gorgeous!!! 
AND Noble is in today's Black Friday Bundle 
that starts at 2pm!! 
You get 30% off savings for Noble Splurge Cream 
and Black Liquid Liner. 
Add the Splurge color in 'Dainty' and get FREE Shipping! Free Shipping for all orders over $50
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Younique Black Friday Sale Day 1

Starting TODAY, Thanksgiving Day, 
I will be sharing 7 Days of Fabulous Bundles!!!!  

Here is a sneak peak of what will be available today at 2pm Central Standard Time. This bundle will only be available for 24 hours before the next day's bundle will begin!!!!  
7 days of Black Friday Younique Sales. 


What is Construction Factoring?


My husband and I started a Construction Factoring business!  Woop, Woop!  A makeup lover, momma of eight and a finance company lol!  Sounds like a typical family scenario, right?!  So, how do you factor an invoice?   Well, it's actually not that hard and a pretty smart option when you have exhausted your bank loan capabilities.  
Accounts receivable factoring, invoice factoring, factoring receivables and factoring are all the same.  Construction factoring is the same as well.  However, in construction factoring there are a few extra layers of paperwork that may make things a bit confusing if you’ve never factored a construction invoice.
John Sawyer, owner of Construction Finance, has put together a video tutorial series to help you understand the steps of construction invoice factoring.  You will also realize that having a factoring company like Construction Finance will give you an extra layer of protection.  Never leave another job site without being paid the entirety of your invoice.
Over the next few days, we will post each new video in the What is Construction Factoring series.  If you just can’t wait to watch them all, check out our Youtube channel playlist and watch them all.
Click here to start the series with Video 1:
Call us today for more information on how to factor an invoice for your construction company.  Construction Finance 870-277-0658 John Sawyer


Living Both Black and White "The Great Divide"

Hard conversations yesterday. Many more to come today. 
Just pouring over some thoughts before our next round of conversations today....

I thought bringing my first African American baby home to Arkansas 16 years ago was tough. I thought those first years of looks and judgement would be the hardest to handle. I mean, I was bring her to the KKK capital of the world....  Who knew, a greater hurdle would be waiting 16 years later. 

Now, with racism of both sides so common, (black and white) it's hard, hard, hard to have the toughest of tough conversations. Teaching  that there is true racism on both sides, but even so, one can't judge each person or situation the same.  

With racism so prevalent in both black and white communities, there will be racist whites that pull the trigger, there will be racist blacks that pull the trigger. Why would we think otherwise?  

Having a bird's eye view of both communities, racism is worse now than it has ever been in 16 years. The divide is sooooo deep and far between. It's more difficult than ever before for my daughters to try to live in both. They are so torn with what they hear at school, see on the news and see shared on social media. Mostly hate. Hate from both sides. That they should hate too. 

I won't tell them to accept. I won't tell them to conform. How can I?  

The fact that I brought them home and absolutely didn't conform or accept. The fact that I went against the grain and believed that one transracial family in Jonesboro, AR could make a difference. The fact that I want them to make a difference with their lives. The fact that THEY can use THEIR bird's eye view of both cultures and races. 

These facts are my prayers that one day parents can teach their children to see through another's eyes. To even possibly be able to attempt see what they see. I have the amazing opportunity to see how they feel, see what their friends feel, see their social media. And it's 100% different than what I see on my newsfeed. Why?  Because that divide is sooooo deep and far between. 

Parents, PLEASE, use these opportunities of conversation to teach your children to see both sides. Every shooting, every news story. When you're having those conversations, teach your children to see both sides. Ask your children, "Why do you think he did that?"  "Do you think he was scared?"  "He made a bad choice didn't he?" "What can we do to help others with their fear?"  "How can we make a change?"

Fear.....fear is the main culprit in our racism. Fear is Satan's best kept secret. Fear drives.

Think about it. What war, mass shooting or major travesty in history happened when the root was not fear?  Satan uses fear. 

When we have these conversations about riots, shootings or the latest news story without digging deeper, we end with fear. Our children hear, "We should be scared. We should be scared of 'them'."  And who 'them' is, all depends upon a which household you reside. 

Parents, don't teach your children fear. Teach your children communication. Teach them to debate without fear and violence. Teach them to 'make a change'. Become that police officer, become that law maker, become that teacher, become that peacemaker. 

Just a mom who loves her children,
Dia Sawyer


Younique en Espanol

Younique en espanol!!!!!

Dia Sawyer diasawyer@suddenlink.net

How to Hide Under Eye Bags Using Concealer

How to hide under eye bags using Younique Concealer.
It's NOT about slapping on a ton of concealer under your eyes.
It's all about shadowing the darkness and NOT the puffy lightness.

If you'd like to know more about being a Younique Presenter, how to buy Younique Products or have questions:
Click on the link above to shop for Younique products or 
Click on Team Training to learn more about how we rock our biz!
You can also contact me at diasawyer@suddenlink.net


What is the best makeup?

Brown Eye Liner (not black) and Splurge Cream Eye Shadow! If you've never tried a cream eye shadow, it's heaven!! It is sooo fast and easy to blend 😍😍😍😍
Younique is the best makeup!!

YouTube Video

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Younique for Women Over 40 Years Old

Younique for older women. Or as I like to call us 'Ageless Women'!

Younique for women in their 40's.
Younique for women in their 50's.
Younique for women in their 60's.
Younique for women in their 70's.
Younique for older women.
Younique for Ageless Women!!!
Younique for all ages!!!!

It all starts with Younique skin care. Why use Younique Uplift Eye Serum? It is the only thing that soothes my skin in winter months. I seriously can't live without it!

For a flawless foundation application, Younique primer preps your skin up for a perfect smooth canvas for makeup application.

Do you get mascara smudges under your eyes? This video will show you how to avoid mascara that runs and smudges!

Visit me at www.themascaramavens.com to get yours!

Visit my YouTube channel diamareesawyer for more tutorials!

Dia Sawyer


Fall 2015 Presenter's Kit & How to Make Money With Younique (english, spanish, espanol, french, german)

Younique Fall 2015 Presenters Kit 

Listen to this call and listen to Tracey Vlahos 
explain all about the business and how you can make money with Younique! 
In English:
In Spanish! en espanol:
In German:
In French:

Click here to join and get the kit below for only $99:

Here's a great breakdown graphic of what you get in the Younique 2015 Fall Presenter's Kit
 Is it worth it?  YES!!

Let me know if you have ANY questions!  
I'd love for you to have fun with us on team Mascara Mavens!

For more of an idea on what we do, click on the Team Training tab above!
Dia Sawyer

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Being a Mascara Maven

Good morning Mavens!!!!

Do you know what the word 'maven' means? Here's what Wikipedia has to say:

A maven (also mavin) is a trusted expert in a particular field, who seeks to pass knowledge on to others. The word maven comes from Hebrew, meaning "one who understands", based on an accumulation of knowledge.[1]

Say what?! Yes ladies! That's why I picked this name for our team!

We want to become 'Mascara Mavens'! We want to accumulate knowledge and truly 'understand'! And the second and most important part of the definition is that we want to pass that knowledge on to others!! BOOM!

How does this apply to us?
#1 we want to be experts in our products! We need to learn everything we can about our products and how they can be used! Then....wait for it, we can SHARE THAT KNOWLEDGE with others! Sharing vs. Selling (see what I did there!). We are Mascara Mavens for a reason!

#2 We want to be experts in social media marketing! We need to learn all about attraction marketing, sharing vs. selling on social media and branding yourself and your business. Be THE expert (maven) in your niche!!!!! Be a Mascara Maven!!

The most beautiful and rewarding aspect of being in this company is the opportunity to help others grow their business, their confidence, their friendships and their financial future.

Dia Sawyer


80's Party Younique 2015 Convention

Where else can you go to your company annual meeting and rock out 80's style hair, 80's makeup, 80's outfits and call it work?! I love my job!!! www.themascaramavens.com


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School Supplies-School Supplies

School Supplies!
School Supplies!
Countdown- 2 weeks from today!!
(not that I'm counting)

If you are a SAHM (stay at home mom) to many children, I know you feel me on this!

When we used to homeschool, we didn't have the abrupt family change. I loved it! I wish we had 2 week breaks throughout the year! 3 months of massive change just isn't good for large families!!!!


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Starting My Own Business...

Never regretted putting myself out there as a 
'work from home mom' of 7 children! 

I make my own schedule. I forgive myself when I can't keep up the 'work pace' my brain wants.....

I follow my heart when my family needs me. 
I have a little fun everyday! 

I remind myself that I do both jobs because I WANT TO, 
not because I'm caught up in a schedule that someone else has made for me! 😍😍 

Dia Sawyer

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Tickle Me Pink

This beautifully contoured and highlighted look is gorg!

Recreate this look with Younique Sweet Blush, Loveable Lip Gloss, Dreamy Splurge Cream Eye Shadow, Sassy Mineral Eye Pigment, Heartbroken Mineral Eye Pigment, Infatuated Mineral Eye Pigment, Devious Mineral Eye Pigment mixed with Rose Water (used as eyeliner) and 3D Fiber Lash Plus Mascara!

Get your Younique 'tickle Me Pink' Look Shop Younique Products Tab above!
Dia Sawyer

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Beauty From Within

Haven't you seen those women that just exude beauty from within? Women who 'wear their beauty' like a confidence 
they were born with?

However, I doubt they were born with it. 
If I had to guess, I would guess that she earned that confidence through many trials. 
I would guess that she had overcome much 
and triumphed in the end.

That kind of beauty from confidence is not born!

Uplift, Empower, Validate

Dia Sawyer

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YSisters Near and Far

One of the fabulous things about working my own business with Younique Makeup is that I CAN WORK ANYWHERE! I can be at the pool, taxiing children, on vacation, in a doctor's waiting room or chillin' in my Jammie's!

And I have YSisters near and far! In fact, I'll be cruising to Jamaica this October with my YSisters FOR FREE! How awesome is that?!

Let me know if you'd like more information on how Younique can better your life!
Dia Sawyer

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Younique Beginning

I love that having my own Younique Cosmetics business allows me to start new and fresh whenever I want.

If I have a kid-filled, hectic summer of taxiing children to camps etc., family duties take priority and my Lash Business tends to take a back burner.

However, with summer winding down, I can see light at the end of the tunnel!

The kids and I started getting our 'school morning and evening schedules' in line yesterday. So, I've started thinking a lot about my direct sales business as well. I LOVE multilevel marketing and 'sharing' as opposed to 'selling'. I can't wait to start adding new Mascara Mavens to our rockin' team! I am amazed that mascara, makeup and teamwork can change the lives of so many women!


Dia Sawyer

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